clara c

    Clara is the Daughter of the Inventor of the Prosecco Industry (Antonio Carpenè Jr 1913 - 2010). She has set up her own 2000 sqm Cantina in the exclusive Valdobbiadene district, focusing on the (Metodo Italiano) with her exclusive brand name "Fiori di Prosecco".

     The brand name "Fiori di Prosecco" means Prosecco Flowers, or the Best of Prosecco.  This is to stress the fact that Mrs. Carpenè, as a wine maker, focuses only on the best Prosecco around (and has a partnership with the top grapes and still wine producers, providing the finest quality inside Valdobbiadene) to be used to make this Luxury Sparkler.

    The winery is located in the heart of Valdobbiadene, 2000 square meters of space right at the beginning of the “Prosecco Road”as shown in the picture above.



Clara C "Fiori di Prosecco"