Kaltern Caldaro

The Kellerei Kaltern (the Kaltern Winegrowers’ Cooperative) was founded in 1906. This estate sits in one the most beautiful corners of the dolomites, overlooking Caldaro Lake, in the Alto Adige region of italy. There are over 400 tiny producers who are members of this winery and some of the parcels of Land are as small as ¼ ACRE. Winegrowing in Kaltern is based on tradition and passion. The vineyards have often been in the same family for centuries. In autumn the whole family gathers to help with the harvest: the vineyards are almost exclusively cultivated by hand and all the members.This cooperative is commonly seen as one of the best and most qualityoriented wineries in Italy.

Lake Kaltern Info:
South Tyrol’s most southerly wine region about 15km south of Bolzano. Gentle hills rising to a height of approximately 600 metres surround the lake like a horseshoe, so that most slopes face south or southeast and are thus best exposed to the sun. The Kalterersee wine region encompasses around 2,000 acres and is normally divided into two general areas: the lake vineyards and the town vineyards, separated by the small town of Kaltern (Caldaro) which sits picturesquely above the lake at an altitude of 420 metres. The lake vineyards, which stretch almost to Lake Kaltern’s very shores, are characterised by their loamy, chalky gravel soils and a Mediterranean climate. The inhabitants of the area summarise this microclimate with a local saying: “the closer to the lake, the warmer the vineyard” – ideal conditions for creating impressive red wines.



Pinot Grigio Alto Adige

Pinot Bianco "Vial" Suditrol

Kerner "Carned" Suditrol

Pinot Nero Alto Adige

Lagrein Alto Aidge

Kalterersee Auslese "Pfarrhof" Suditrol