Negro Angelo E Figli


Since 1670 the Negro family has been cultivating there vineyards in the hills of Roero, working to increase the value of this wonderful corner of Piemonte. Dedicating their vines to the  prestigious native varietals such as Arneis, Dolcetto, Barbera, Nebbiolo, and Birbet. Today the estate spans over 60 hectares covering some of the most prestigious area in Roero.

The estate is lead by Giovanni Negro who also happens to by the Mayor of Monteu Roero.  His wife Marisa and children Gabriele, Angelo, Emanuela and Giuseppe all hold various positions and do everything from work in the vineyard to wine production and sales.  This is a true family production and has been for many years.  The attention to detail and the passion shows in each and every wine. 



Maria Elisa VSQ (Sparkling Nebbiolo)

"Serra Lupini" Arneis

"Dina" Barbera D'Alba

"Nicolon Barbera D'Alba

"Angelin" Langhe Nebbiolo

"Cascinotta" Barbaresco DOCG

"Sudisfa" Roero Riserva DOCG

Birbet MPF (Brachetto)