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Ottoventi which translates to Eight Winds is located on the west side of Sicily, in Trapani, on the slopes of Monte Erice. It's said that the winds of the Mediterranean hit Trapani in 8 different directions. The mission of Ottoventi Is to present native Sicilian grape varieties in an innovative way.

To describe the character of a land as generous as that of western Sicily, of Erice, of its wines, of what these wines are able to express, is a superb challenge even for one who has live the experience of these characteristic vineyards for generations.

The choice to liken them to wind, in one instance as delicate as a breeze, in another impetuous and rough like the dominant winds, is to pay homage to the faithful presence of these winds from the eight directions of the horizon that constitute of the spirit of this land, hence the name Ottoventi: Eightwinds.

Ottoventi and its wines want to bring you, with a delicate yet intense breeze, a sensory experience in taste and smell that only grapes cultivate and worked with know-how are able to generate.



Ottoventi Grillo "Punto 8"

Ottoventi Grillo

Ottoventi Bianco (Catarratto 50%; Grillo 40%; Zibibbo 10%)

Ottoventi Nero D'Avola "Punto 20"

Ottoventi Nerello Mascalese