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Weingut Muller-Grossmann

     Müller-Grossmann was started after the second world war by  Helma Müller-Grossmann.   Well known for her tenacity and persistence and a very popular winemaker in the region for her overall personality.   

      In 2009 she passed the winery and its activities to her daughter Marlies.  Marlies is now running the entire operation along with her husband who works in the fashion industry.  


You can see his ideas present at the winery and noticeable in many places.  The last member of the family is Bruno there dog who you can find always roaming the vineyards.  

The winery is a total of 10 Hectares.  The soils made up of Loess with big chunks of lime stone.  They produce 80,000 bottles annually.  The winery is  Organic Certified and uses Spontaneous fermentation.  


Johanneshof Reinisch
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A brief 30-minute drive south of Vienna will bring you to the door of Johanneshof Reinisch.  Located in Austria’s historic Thermenregion, the Reinisch family is producing wine in the fourth generation, with the current winemaking team comprised of three brothers: Hannes, Christian and Michael. With a 2,000 year legacy of wine growing in the region, the Reinisch’s maintain Thermenregion traditions with vineyards planted to 65 % red and 35 % white vines.  The Theremregion aquired this name, in part, from geothermal hot springs that flow under the vineyards here, contributing to favorable wine growing conditions for finicky varieties like Pinot Noir.

The Theremregion aquired this name, in part, from geothermal hot springs that flow under the vineyards here, contributing to favorable wine growing conditions for finicky varieties like Pinot Noir. Best known for their excellent Pinot Noir and St. Laurent, there is a particular focus at Johanneshof Reinisch on the Burgundy varieties. Their Pinot Noir vines grow in vineyards from both the stony, alluvial gravel soils of Tattnedorf near the winery and the elevated, nutrient rich soils of Gumpoldskirchen. 



The grapes for this wine come from our vineyards on Anninger mountain in Gumpoldskirchen.

70% fermented in stainless steel and 30% in old large barrels.
Tasting notes

Animating scent of exotic fruits. Lively and vital with a firm core on the palate. Creamy finish.

pinot Noir

The grapes for this Pinot Noir come from the vineyards around Tattendorf and Gumpoldskirchen, where soils with a large proportion of lime offer the ideal location for Burgundy vines.

When vinifying this Pinot Noir, we strive for a lean, fruity character of the wine, which is why it only matures in large wooden casks.

Fine scent of berries and fruits. Elegant with a hint of extract sweetness.

Emmerich Knoll

Emmerich Knoll III, an exuberant spokesperson for the Wachau region, farms the family’s 15 hectares of land and crafts wines that clearly express the Unterloiben terroir where some of Austria’s most famous vineyards can be found. This family run winery is a treasure that has been estate owned and operated for over three generations. 

The majority of the Knoll’s vineyard plantings are dedicated to Gruner Veltliner and Riesling, but the family also farms small amounts of Rivaner, Gelber Traminer, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.  A member of “Vinea Wachau Nobilis Districtus,” an association of Wachau winemakers who follow strict quality control rules, the Knoll Winery upholds stringent farming and winemaking standards that vintage after vintage propel their wines to the top of restaurant, collector and critic’s lists.

Knoll wines are easily recognized by their distinct label that depicts an ornate image of St. Urban, the patron saint of winemakers and vineyards. While in the Wachau, one can also dine at the family’s acclaimed, 400 year old restaurant, Loibnerhof Familie Knoll.


Gruner vetliner 'FEDERSPIEL'

Crazy Creatures

While the exact origin story of Crazy Creatures remains steeped in mystery we do know certain facts of their appearance in modern times. They come from a small Austrian village called Palt, in the wine-growing region known as the Kremstal, where you find Grüner Veltliner as the dominant grape variety. The home of Crazy Creatures is Malat winery (, a traditional, family owned wine estate since 1722. 



The Crazy Creatures are made of 100% Grüner Veltliner and nothing else. The strong and unique characters of Crazy Creatures go along perfectly with the diverse flavour of Grüner Veltliner, which is Kremstal’s most important grape variety and even more, the most important grape from Austria. It’s known for its spicy, herbal but also fruity aroma and a crisp, fresh acidity. Only the best grapes from the region are used for Crazy Creatures. 


crazy creatures
Gruner Vetliner

The typical flavor profile is often described as displaying elements of green apple with an unmistakable white pepper spiciness.