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Nera - A unique land that gives its fruits to those who love it.
The passion, commitment and work of a family of viticulturists
A long winemaking tradition and a selection of white, red, passito, sparkling and grappa wines
The View from Above.
The Nera Family
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The wine business of the NERA family began in 1940 with Guido Nera, which succeeded, in the late ’50s, his son Pietro, who, with stubbornness and pride, unified several hectares of vineyards, now owned by the Azienda Agricola CAVEN of the brothers Stefano and Simone Nera founded in 1982.

The Pietro Nera Wine House is one of the most important and prestigious wineries of the Valtellina , with a long tradition in the enhancement and promotion of the territory, in the cultivation of vineyards and in the production of high quality with unique characteristics, which have been awarded certificates of merit in the various national and international competitions.

The many successes achieved have prompted the company and the Nera family to look positively to the future, in particular thanks to the new representative structure that aims to spread the wine culture by hosting refresher courses, business meetings and company events. which is able to accommodate “food and wine” tourists.

In 2009, at the wineries located in Chiuro directly on the Stelvio highway, a Wine Bar and a new company sales point was opened, including Corner Valtellina, where it is possible to taste and learn about the great Black wines accompanied by typical Valtellina products, such as the DOP Bitto and Casera cheeses, the Bresaola di Valtellina IGP, the pizzoccheri and all the other flavors of this rich land.


Inferno Riserva

Bright ruby ​​red color that with aging tends to garnet. Intense vinous bouquet with hints of raspberry and violet. Taste pleasantly tannic, sapid, elegant and persistent.

Inferno Efesto

Bright, ruby red color that becomes garnet with aging. Intense scent with a taste of raspberry and a light shade of violet.  Armonic, sapid, elegant and persistent flavour.

Sassella Riserva

Obtained exclusively from Nebbiolo grapes, locally called Chiavennasca, carefully selected and coming from historic vineyards.

Taste pleasantly tannic, sapid, elegant and persistent.

The Faccoli farm extends over 10 hectares on the sides of Mount Orfano, at the south-west of Franciacorta.
The Faccoli style
The "bubble" has an infinite charm: the development of the wine, the different interpretations of the method...
Passing on the family wine-making tradition from generation to generation.
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The FACCOLI farm is a small family farm in the south-west of Franciacorta, at the slopes of Mount Orphan on a calcareous and clay though soil that is difficult to cultivate. However,  it appreciates and rewards the efforts spent ensuring high quality grapes. The company bought in 1963 by Lorenzo Faccoli at present extends on Mount Orphan for eleven hectares, five and an half of which devoted to vineyards dedicated to Chardonnay, White Pinot and Black Pinot. The handpicked grapes are intended to the production of FRANCIACORTA produced for the first time by Lorenzo Faccoli in 1979.

Today the Faccoli farm produces five FRANCIACORTA in the types of Brut, Extra Brut, Rosè and Dosaggio Zero Millesimato; moreover, the company processes in optimum years a FRANCIACORTA Extra Brut Reserve with ten years aging.
FRANCIACORTA is obtained only with the natural fermentation in bottle and the slow action on yeasts, left for at least two years for ripening in contact with the wine in bottle in the silent underground cellars, ensures the development of those unmistakable aroma that makes FRANCIACORTA famous all over the world and of which FACCOLI farm is a careful exponent.



The right balance between personality and development, to satisfy a wide audience. A bubble in the balance between corporate philosophy and business needs.