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Cantine Lizzano
In the heart of Puglia, Salento, where the land is kissed by the sun and caressed by winds that smell of the sea, traditions and stories that are lost over the millennia.
The cooperative is located in Lizzano, a small town from which it takes its name, in the heart of Salento.
500 hectares of vineyards with native (Primitivo, Negroamaro, Malvasia, Moscato) and international (Chardonnay, Pinot and Cabernet) vines,.
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A veil of red earth on a layer of calcareous rock greedily kissed by the sun and agitated by adverse winds that filter through the dry walls, spreading the scents of the Mediterranean and olive trees.

It is here that their vineyards have their roots, in the land on which Luigi Ruggieri, an enlightened doctor and farmer, was ready to bet. Back in 1959, he brought together a group of winemakers to enhance local production, recovering ancient farming practices and combining them with modern winemaking techniques.

With the harvest of 1961 the Cooperative Society Cantine Lizzano was born, baptized with wine of the first grapes conferred by 111 members, pioneers of the economic and social development of this part of Italy until then victim of agricultural policies and conditions of sale decided elsewhere.

The winery has gradually undertaken a process of brand enhancement to transfer greater added value to its members, adapting production to market demands and moving from simple table wines to wines with a typical geographical indication and controlled designation of origin.

A far-sighted vision that, together with the entry of new members, has led over the years to a constant expansion of facilities and a modernization in the field of bottling of finished products.

The current president Rita Macripò has given further impulse towards a greater attention to the production process, to the quality control and to the marketing, integrating the wide range of wines with prestigious productions in bottle, commercialized with brands of property and thought for the most demanding consumers.



Macchia Primitivo di manduria

Ruby red colour, enriched with garnet reflections, a generous perfume, which recalls ripe plums and black cherry, dried fruits, with soft notes of vanilla.