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Beautifully located on the gentle and undulating slopes of the Pesaro Hills.  The largest section lies on the eastern bank of the Metauro River. The soil formation consists of grayish calcareous mud, which turns light blue just a few meters deep. The vineyards face south-southeast at 200 meters above sea level and stretch across 48 hectares of land. Only estate fruit is used in making the wines.

Grapes cultivated:
White Grapes: Bianchello – Verdicchio – Chardonnay – Moscato – Sauvignon.

Red Grapes : Sangiovese – Montepulciano – Lacrima– Cabernet Sauvignon.


Organic in the cultivation \ in the field but we do not certificate the “organic process”.
-There is no use of nitrogenous substances in the soil: we cultivate the bean in a biological way between the rows that are cut and mixed with the earth to provide a nitrogen value to the soil in a natural way.

-There is NO use of pesticides in the vineyard between the plants, we kill the weeds with a blade that lifts the soil by detaching the roots

-100% of the energy of the Sun for all the productions of our company.

-We are organic in the management of the vineyard, but we can choose science in case of need as we do for our body. In wines our level of SO2 inserted is lower than the limit used for BIO wine. The Yeast are naturally selected.


Guerrieri ‘Celso’ Bianchello del Metauro Superiore

Guerrieri Colli Pesaresi Sangiovese