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Clos Culombu
It was in 1973 that everything began: the grounds, the vines, the grapes and finally the wine. Close to their lands, the whole vineyard is cultivated in organic farming.
The driving of the vineyard in organic farming and the conversion to biodynamics pushes them towards quality research in the greatest possible respect for the environment and natural rhythms.
Since they started biodynamic conversion, they let the yeasts of the property act to reveal the terroir, which is the origin of this wonderful transformation of grapes into wine.
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The passion for viticulture was born very early for Paul, the eldest member of the Suzzoni family who decided to follow a course at the agricultural school of Borgo. Supported by his father Antoine, he acquired some parcels and managed to settle. The dream is launched. Despite a dilettante period for island viticulture, Paul and his father planted their first Niellucciu vines in 1973 in the communes of Lumiu and Montegrosso and made their first cuvée three years later.
Etienne, the youngest son, took over the head of the estate in 1986 after veterinary studies in Paris.

Passionate about his land and aware of the potential of Calvi wines, he invests in land in order to increase the size of the vineyard. Today, the estate has 64 hectares of vines, 12 hectares of olive trees and a cattle cattle of 40 heads grazing on more than 30 hectares of meadows and oaks. 

In 2016, the family transmission wrote a new chapter with the arrival of Paul-Antoine, Etienne’s eldest son, who was able to vinify the 40th vintage of Clos Culombu.


Calvi Blanc

The dress is crystalline with green hues. Expressive nose on grapefruit, tomato leaf and white peach. The mouth has relief with salinity.

calvi rouge

The dress is brilliant with ruby ​​reflections. The nose, on the fruit (plum, raspberry, black cherry) is raised by a touch of smoke and grilled hazelnut. The palate is full and rich with chalky tannins and the finish is on the cigar.