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Jolie Folle by Crazy Beautiful Wines
Family owned and founded in 2008. They are committed to producing high quality wines at the best possible price.
The flexibility in sourcing allows Crazy Beautiful Wines to produce the best possible fruit at a reasonable price.
Bringing some serious love to wine drinkers 1 Liter at a time. At their core, is the love of sharing these wines with Lovers, Family and Friends.
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They are a family with the belief that good things in life are intended for sharing and that great wine should be accessible to all that seek it.  They are doing their best to culture an environment where growers can responsibly produce the highest-quality wines at the best possible price.

Owner and CEO, Jimmy Gallivan, founded Crazy Beautiful Wines in 2008. Establishing the brand with merely 800 cases of wine from Argentina. The initial venture has since evolved into his Family’s commitment to producing high-quality wines in a Liter format at an affordable price.


Crazy Beautiful Wines has established partnerships with farmers, growers, and winemakers to bring select wine varietals from celebrated wine regions around the world. Our goal is to deliver stunning, accessible wines, to share with the many wine lovers we cross paths with on our incredible journey.



This Rose is a pale rose color with notes of strawberry. On the palate, it is bright and dry with a hint of apricot on the finish.

sauvignon blanc

This Sancerre styled Sauvignon Blanc has notes of ripe citrus and French pair with a subtle minerality finish.