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Located in Susegana at the foot of San Salvatore Castle.
The Winery
Three generations of viticulture tradition.
Meet The Owner
Maurizio Favrel has been maintaining his grandfather's tradition since 2003.
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Malibràn winery is in Susegana, a little town amidst the hills that range from Conegliano towards Valdobbiadene, at the foot of San Salvatore Castle.

The winery has a long tradition of viticulture, more than three generations. In the first half of the 1900s, in fact, the grandfather Gregorio, far-seeing farmer in Col San Martino, decided to transfer his property to the flowing hills of Susegana where the clay soil contributes to the development of more full-bodied and complex wines.


Maurizio, enologist and owner, maintains his grandfather’s tradition. Since 2003 he has taken care of the enological part of the winery and, to complete the process from the vineyard to the bottle, he projected the cellar, which is equipped with the appropriate wine-making machinery, where, at present, the grapes are changed into sparkling wine, then bottled and packed.

“I’ve got my own unique style that I like and I believe in, a wine that I know people that enjoy Prosecco Superiore will appreciate. Wines from this area are all special, all unique, we are respectful to our area and know the style of wines in produce.”



Grape harvesting is manually done by soft pressing of whole grapes and put in small containers.  The aroma is light and flowery with a scent of rose and a harmonious and complete scent of ripe apples and pears with hints of citrus fruit.  Altogether dry, fragrant and well-balanced with a soft and progressive carbonic development.


Since ancient times, Prosecco was bottled with its own yeasts, and then it was placed to rest in the house’s cellar. During this period refermentation took place in the bottle, remaining sugars turned into twisting bubbles, and so the Prosecco, after a few months, became fizzy. The wine was ready to be tasted with its own refermentation’s yeasts, which were lying at the bottle’s bottom, that’s where the name “Col Fondo” comes from (Sur-lie).  Malibran commits itself to rediscovering ancient tastes, offering this kind of Prosecco just as it was made in ancient times.