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This winery produces unique and exciting wines designed to surprise and ignite discerning palates of wine lovers everywhere.
Winemaker Greg Martellotto hand selects grapes grown in designated American Viticultural Areas
In a world awash in wine, Martellotto is constantly looking for wines that jump out of the glass and surprise them.
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The story of Martellotto (which means big hammer in Italian) begins in Alberobello in Puglia, Italy, where Greg’s grandfather left the old country in 1918 to find a new, better life for himself and his progeny.

Greg Martellotto has led a multifocal life. From age 5 to 22, he played soccer and expected to be a pro. At 19 he franchised a house painting company in Palo Alto, CA. He attended Stanford University on a soccer scholarship but studied biology with the thought of going to medical school. After graduation with a bachelor’s degree and the end of soccer dreams, he took off for three years and traveled to 55 countries. When Greg returned, his wine business took shape, made out of threads from his past, a love for cooking and wine, and for entertaining.

Greg has now been making wine since 2005.

One of the most important influences on Greg’s winemaking is his diverse background in the wine business. Most folks in the wine biz fall into one of three tiers; they work for a winery (production), a distributor (wholesale), or they work for a retailer/hospitality (restaurants/service). Greg has worked and continues to work in all of these tiers. As a result, he regularly tastes about 4000 wines per year. He has had the privilege to taste many of the great wines at wineries throughout France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Australia, California, New York, Texas, among other wine growing regions.

While Greg’s heart and genetic code may lie in Italy, his taste preferences lean toward Bordeaux. This is the reason Greg focuses on Cabernet Sauvignon and other Bordeaux varietals in Santa Barbara.


Riserva II Capoccia

The extended barrel aging led to a wine that has developed incredible depth of flavors, and an intoxicating nose. The wine is a Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Petit Verdot.


Baked apples and pears in the nose follow through on the palate. The wine suggests a liberal use of French oak and the 2017 is 40% new French oak with the balance in older barrels. The wine was bottled in August 2018 after 12 months in oak with limited sulfur additions.

Pinot Noir

The wine aged in 100% French oak, 10% new. It was bottled after 11 months to maintain a freshness and vivacity. Like all great Pinots, this wine is a bit of a seductress. It allures with notes of spice, light cedar, and a bright raspberry. Slowly, it reveals itself with aeration.