Located in eastern Sicily, The vineyards are cultivated between land and sea with the ever-present help of Mediterranean winds.
At the foot of Mount Erice, the Ottoventi winery marks the landscape with an architecture that emerges distinctly from it.
Antonino and Giuseppina Mazzara are at the heart of the Family as well as of the Company.

Ottoventi and its vineyards are grown for about 40 hectares on the territory of Erice, Valderice and Trapani, located in eastern Sicily. Vineyards cultivated between land and sea with the ever-present help of Mediterranean winds. Sea and wind affect their lives every day as much as their wines.

The Vento makes their grapes dry and healthy.  A ventilated vineyard has a lower incidence of phytopathologies, which require moisture to develop and this minimizes the necessary phytoiatric treatment, aimed more at preventing than to treat any phytopathology. Therefore, from the wind, the grapes are transformed into healthy wine.

Ottoventi’s goal is the creation of fresh wines, in which fruit and structure define an elegantly unforgettable product. The grapes are harvested not when they have the highest sugar content but when they are perfectly ripe, therefore able to express the best performance in terms of aroma, flavor, acidity and structure.  The harvest usually ends two three weeks in advance of traditional local customs. This makes their grapes and therefore their wines rich in aromas.  

Their harvesting strategy has always combined the manual harvesting of the grapes together with the use of processing techniques designed to prevent damage and oxidation, keeping them intact up to the final consumer.


Punto 20 Nero D'Avola

Deep ruby color, nose feel aromas of red fruit, blackberry and currant jam. Hints of vanilla blended with tobacco, rhubarb and sage increase its complexity. The taste is rich of fruits, fragrant and balanced.

Nerello Mascalese

Ruby red color, nose feel aromas of intense scents of flowers, cloves and berries with slight balsamic notes. On the palate it stands now the great elegance and complexity, persistent, clear and soft tannins, great structure wine.