Located in the Montosoli Hill, in a fantastic natural setting in the immediate north of Montalcino.
The richness of the clayey and calcareous soil gives the "Sangiovese" grapes a unique flavor.
Four friends, two wines & one common passion.
in 1874, the Montalcino notary Tito Costanti, built the farmhouse called “Pinino”. Over the decades, after some changes of ownership, the Pinino became a winery, one of the first to be registered in the register of Brunello di Montalcino winemakers.
The Pinino winery is located in the Montosoli hill, in a fantastic natural setting in the immediate north of Montalcino, in a sort of natural amphitheater that opens up to unique panoramas in the world.
The vineyards have an average age of about 15-20 years and are located in two areas: Pinino and Canchi.
Since 2004 the winery has been managed by Andrea Gamon and Max Hernandez, who have expanded it with the purchase of new vineyards and a project for a new winery.
What unites the partners of this winery as well as friendship is the love for fine cuisine and of course for good wine. What was more logical than to combine business with the common passion for wine?
The ambition of Pinino is to find a position of acquitted excellence among Italian wineries.  That is why Brunello and Rosso are “matured” in large oak barrels of Slavonia according to the ancient tradition of Montalcino. The quality of the vineyard and the cellar have absolute priority. 


Brunello di Montalcino Riserva

In recent years the Brunello di Montalcino Pinone Riserva has become synonymous with exclusive quality and could be defined as the ambassador of Italian wines in the world.  An important feature of the Brunello di Montalcino Pinone Riserva is the long maturation of four years, mandatory before the sale.  All production, refining and bottling processes must take place in the municipality of Montalcino.
In full respect of tradition, their Brunello ages in large oak barrels.