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Respecting nature and the environment
Elegant Aromas
It introduces itself without speaking, not because it is shy, but because once it reaches the palate, it has already revealed much.
Certified Organic
Their first foray into organic cultivation came in 1980, and since 1984 all of their vineyards have been organic. In 1990 they were A.I.A.B approved.
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Tasi | Dialect from Veneto Italian to “shut up” – the verb “keep quiet” [ta’ʧere]

Nestled in the eastern valley of the Valpolicella region Tasi makes its home on the edge of Lessinia Natural Park. The winery is built on top of an old quarry.

Tasi wines are organic certified and biodynamic through choice and passion as they live and work the land everyday.

The vineyard sits in the quarry from the late 19th century, whose walls now frame the winery converted more than ten years ago into an astonishing vineyard. The soil, hard and rich in minerals, forms a strong, luxurious vine

The woods surrounding the vineyard represent the ideal natural isolation which makes it even more perfect for the development of an excellent organic and biodynamic viticulture.



Once the wine has completed fermentation, it remains on the lees for 10 days with daily batonage to add body and enhance aromas.

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Grapes are harvested by hand starting from the end of September, with a very careful selection of only the perfectly ripened bunches.