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Weingut Muller-Grossmann

     Müller-Grossmann was started after the second world war by  Helma Müller-Grossmann.   Well known for her tenacity and persistence and a very popular winemaker in the region for her overall personality.   

      In 2009 she passed the winery and its activities to her daughter Marlies.  Marlies is now running the entire operation along with her husband who works in the fashion industry.  


You can see his ideas present at the winery and noticeable in many places.  The last member of the family is Bruno there dog who you can find always roaming the vineyards.  

The winery is a total of 10 Hectares.  The soils made up of Loess with big chunks of lime stone.  They produce 80,000 bottles annually.  The winery is  Organic Certified and uses Spontaneous fermentation.